Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toucan Totem

A totem is a spirit or entity that watches over a group of people, not just one person, typically a family or a tribe. The totem is typically represented by an animal.

When Charissa suggested the name "Toucan Plan", it immediately resonated with me somehow. Not just the clever wordplay with the Two can plan, but also the image of the Toucan--

Toucans are highly prized in advertising and such because they're so beautiful- (just look at that tongue, it's amazing!)

Toucans are also some of the loudest birds in the forest-- their calls can be heard for half a mile. Their spirit represents sound, communication, speech. Proper words in the proper places, and all that jazz.

But, the toucan can also be unpredictable, and do what they want when they want to. (This is me, to a tee) Also, in some areas, toucans are associated with evil spirits and said to be the reincarnation of demons.

I was first drawn to toucans when going to Walt Disney World and visiting Tropical Serenade (it's since been rennamed the Enchanted Tiki Room)

While I don't remember ever going into the attraction, there were toucans outside that would talk to anyone standing nearby. I was fascinated by the animatronic birds, and would just stand and listen. On and on they would go, yak yak yak.

There are a lot of animal spirits guiding my thoughts and actions, but the toucan is becoming prevalenter and prevalenter.

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