Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Maltese Scorpion

You may remember from a previous post that I was looking for a new pet. My friend Jon came down to Gainesville this weekend for the local Reptile Show, as he is breeding snakes and had some up for sale.

I have no issues with snakes, but did want a pet that was slightly exotic that few people had. Unfortunately, the hedgehogs were $200, albeit adorable.

I decided to go with the Emperor Scorpion which at $6 is very affordable and only requires a $10 10 gallon tank. They can sting you, which is said to be similar to a bee sting, but only if you really tick them off. Also, they do have the claws, but they don't really seem to use them except for catching food.

I've decided to name her Malta, because it's a cool name. If I can figure out how to get pictures from my camera onto here, I will eventually post some.

Welcome to the household Malta!

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