Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Ox of a Different Color

So apparently, Babe the Blue Ox (of Paul Bunyan fame) is a boy.

And has some SERIOUS stuff going in the genitals department (Note to Self: Is that a real department? Must investigate.)

This realization, while I was visiting TREEEEEES of MYYYYSTERY in Klamath, California this weekend, blew away a lot of my pre-conceived notions of the Paul Bunyan myth.

I had assumed from the name of the ox that it was a lady. But now, in light of recent photographic evidence and subsequent independent research, my world view has been shifted. I'm forced to face a lot of big, hard truths. In my wildest nightmares I would never have dreamed that these truths would be staring me in the face quite so forcefully, but there they are.

Blue, round, pendulous.

And unmistakable.

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